Airspace infringement hotspots: south and east

  1. Airspace infringement hotspot: Inbound via Forrestdale Lake

    Report at Oakford or Russell for abbreviated clearance. Report at Forrestdale Lake. You may receive circuit joining instructions if not inferred in abbreviated clearance. Have an alternative plan and a suitable decision point if you do not receive clearance, or are unable to call prior to entering controlled airspace.

  2. Airspace infringement hotspot: Helena River Reservoir area

    Use visual or distance checks to remain clear of CTA. Make sure you are tracking clear of or under the 2,000 ft step to the north. When tracking to the north above 2,000 ft OCTA, overfly Mt Dale before turning.

    Step distances are from Perth, not Jandakot, therefore be cautious when using GPS.

  3. Airspace infringement hotspot: East of Jandakot in the Armadale Shops – Canning Dam – Mt Dale area

    Tracking outbound from Jandakot to the east via Armadale Shops, do not climb above 2,000 ft until at or past Armadale Shops. Be cautious of the overlying CTA steps and be sure to track south of the Brookton highway to the Armadale Shops (SHOP) position, which is at the intersection of the Albany and southwest highways.

A map of Perth airspace with the airspace infringment hotspots at Forrestdale Lake, the Helena River Reservior, and the Armadale shops marked.
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