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Sample syllabuses for flying training organisations

Sample syllabuses are provided to help flying training organisations develop their course material. 

Each sample syllabus demonstrates one way of mapping the Part 61 Manual of Standards into a course format.

The sample syllabuses cover training for a multi-engine (aeroplane) class rating, single-engine aeroplane night visual flight rules (NVFR) endorsement, and the recreational pilot licence (aeroplane category) and the private pilot licence (aeroplane category).

They contain a planning matrix, a flight training and theory examination summary, and syllabus lesson plans and trainee records in a revised format combining the two documents.

The long briefing topic content contained in the sample syllabuses is indicative only, and the hours included are suggestions. Please note, however, that operators who choose to adjust the suggested flight times will need to ensure their courses comply with the flight time requirements contained in Part 61 of the Civil Aviation Safety Regulations.

Operators who elect to use the sample materials remain responsible for maintaining the validity of their syllabuses. This means you may need to review your syllabuses to ensure they align with any future amendments to the Part 61 Manual of Standards or changes to the regulations.
The sample syllabuses are provided for guidance only - flying training organisations are not obliged to map their courses this way.

The items listed below represent the full suite of syllabus material developed by CASA. For syllabuses not included on this list, flying training organisations may choose to amend these templates to construct their own.