Apply for a flight training certificate

Find out what you need to know to apply for a flight training certificate, the assessment process and how to get your certificate.

Our approval will be in the form of:

Part 141

Part 141 applies to training activities for:

  • non-integrated training for a;
    • recreational pilot licence (RPL)
    • private pilot licence (PPL)
    • commercial pilot licence (CPL)
  • single pilot aircraft ratings
  • operational ratings not involving multi-crew operations
  • specified type aircraft rating.

If your flight training operation only conducts these activities, you do not need to apply for an AOC.

Part 142

Part 142 applies to:

  • multi-crew flight training activities
  • contracted recurrent training
  • contracted checking
  • integrated training for a PPL, CPL, air transport pilot licence (ATPL) and multi-pilot crew licences (MPL)
  • training for aircraft type ratings other than those that are listed as Part 141 training.

Licences and ratings that need approval

You must seek our approval to conduct flight training for the following licences with any aircraft category rating, aircraft and operational ratings and associated endorsements and other approved courses of training:

  • RPL
  • PPL
  • CPL
  • MPL
  • ATPL
  • aircraft class and type ratings
  • instrument rating
  • private IFR rating
  • night VFR rating
  • night vision imaging system rating
  • low-level rating
  • aerial application rating
  • flight instructor rating or simulator instructor rating
  • flight engineer instructor rating
  • multi-crew cooperation (MCC) training.

Flight training conducted in flight simulation training devices (FSTD)

If you plan to conduct Part 142 flight training in an FSTD , you need to apply for a Part 142 certificate – this is in addition to an AOC if you also plan to conduct Part 142 training in aircraft.

Once we approve the proposed flight training, we’ll issue your Part 142 certificate.

A flight simulation training device means:

  • a qualified flight simulator
  • a qualified flight training device
  • a synthetic trainer, approved under Civil Aviation Order 45.0
  • a device that meets the qualification standards under regulation 61.045
  • a qualified device by a recognised foreign state’s national aviation authority.

Flight training in aircraft

If you plan to conduct Part 142 flight training activities in an aircraft, you need to apply for an AOC.

Flight training operators

Operators must apply for a flight training operator certificate if they plan to conduct flight training that is listed as Part 141 or 142 flight training. This includes training that is for the grant of a flight crew licence, rating and endorsements. The certificates include:

  • CASR Part 141 certificate
  • Part 142 B2 certificate (for Part 142 training conducted in FSTDs)
  • Air Operator's Certificate (AOC) authorising Part 142 conducted in an aircraft.

Complete the form

Complete the form(s) for the kind of flight training activity you plan to conduct. This may include flight training for a:

  • recreational pilot licence (RPL) – specify the aircraft category rating
  • private pilot licence (PPL) – specify the aircraft category rating
  • commercial pilot licence (CPL) – specify the aircraft category rating
  • aircraft class or type ratings
  • operational ratings and associated endorsements
  • training for flight reviews – specifiy the ratings the reviews are for.

If you are unable to access the forms you need, contact us.

Submit the form

Submit your application and supporting documents to us by following the instructions in the form.

After you submit the form

We will review your application and contact you if we need more information. You must address any issues we identify within a reasonable timeframe to avoid any delays in progressing your application.

Pay the fee

We charge a fee for the assessment of your:

  • operations manual or exposition
  • any other documentation
  • key personnel interviews
  • inspections of your facilities.

We'll send you an estimate of the costs to assess your application, based on an hourly rate.

You must pay the fee before we can process your application.

Cancel an application

To cancel your application after paying the fee, contact us in writing. We will charge costs for any work completed before you cancel.


Assessment timeframes vary and rely on:

  • when we receive your payment
  • the quality of your documents
  • the availability of our resources.

We'll contact you if the recommendation varies from what you applied for.

Our detailed assessment involves 2 stages:

  • document evaluation
  • inspections and tests.

We carry out the assessment referencing the:

Our technical assessor handbooks and worksheets ensure we have a consistent method to:

  • assess compliance with the regulations
  • document the decisions that we make.

We also consider any other civil aviation legislative provisions that apply to your proposed operations.

Certificate issue

We will let you know if we accept or decline your application after our assessment.

If approved, we'll issue the certificate relevant to your operation, either:

  • a Part 141 certificate
  • a Part 142 Subpart B.2 certificate
  • an AOC authorising the relevant Part 142 training activities.

We will email the certificate to you and send the original by mail.

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7 Jan 2022
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