Medical records system

Our medical records system (MRS) makes it easy to apply for and process aviation medicals online.

Pilots and air traffic controllers can apply online, answer medical questions and pay for:

MRS stores the information so applying for future exams is easier, especially if people use different designated aviation medical examiners (DAMEs).

MRS makes it easy to:

  • follow the progress of your application
  • enter your full medical history once, then update as needed
  • view your medical history and earlier test results
  • search for a DAME near you
  • book medicals online
  • pay securely online
  • remember your next medical with reminders
  • get your medical faster as DAMEs can print certificates.

DAMEs, designated aviation ophthalmologists, certified optometrists and specialists use MRS for their examinations.

Using MRS

Log into MRS using:

Accept all cookies. MRS works best using Google’s Chrome internet browser.

User guides

Help for examiners

Contact us for more support using MRS.

Last updated:
21 Mar 2022
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