Creating an aerodrome operating manual

All aerodromes must have an operating manual. For more information on what to include, read:

Aerodrome operating manual template and guide

We have created a sample manual template and guide:

Our aerodrome manual template and guide provide clear references to the legislative requirements and may be used to:

  • develop a new aerodrome manual
  • update an existing aerodrome manual.

Where possible, example procedures have been provided as a guide. We have also included alternate provisions considering the varying complexities in operating environments and the scalable certification structures involved.

Your procedures will reflect the uniqueness of the aerodrome’s facilities and operations. You also need to demonstrate that you're operating in accordance with those procedures.

Standards that don't apply to some aerodromes

If a standard in Part 139 MOS doesn't apply to your aerodrome, you must maintain a placeholder in your aerodrome manual. It must record:

  • a reference to the relevant Part 139 MOS provision
  • the term 'not applicable' or 'N/A'.

Other resources to help create an aerodrome operating manual

Read AC 139.C-01 (PDF, 178 KB) for guidance on developing and maintaining an aerodrome operating manual.

We also provide a free online tool called the Manual Authoring and Assessment Tool (MAAT). This will help you develop and submit your manual.

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4 Dec 2021
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