Supporting general aviation across CASA’s operations

It is clear our ability to support general aviation extends beyond regulatory change. We recognise it is vital to administer the regulatory system fairly and consistently, while working with stakeholders to educate and embed a positive safety culture across the industry.

To further support the general aviation sector, CASA will:

  • review our regulatory philosophy and implement any necessary adjustments in consultation with industry by the end of 2022.
  • work with our staff to ensure we fully embed and consistently apply the regulatory philosophy across the organisation.
  • address bottlenecks in our Guidance Delivery Centre. This will ensure industry can get more timely answers to regulatory inquiries, while ensuring we deliver more consistent advice via a centralised service.
  • continue to promote safety education across the sector, including through:
    • our network of aviation safety advisors (ASAs). The ASAs conduct AvSafety seminars, visit sites and attend industry events and meetings to help you understand the rules and any changes. Our team of ASAs aim to conduct a personalised on site visit of your organisation or area at least once per year
    • AviationWorx, our online learning system for the aviation industry where you can access eLearning modules and other CASA training
    • ongoing safety education targeting specific audiences and messages as appropriate and informed by research and evidence. This includes work underway on a limited series podcast and behavioural change campaign targeting pilots and flying schools.
Updated: 24 October 2023
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