Episode 30: Interview with Rob Loneragan at Rylstone airpark

Just before the final leg home to Bathurst, NSW, the Out-n-Back crew make a stop at Rylstone airpark.

They chat with Rob Loneragan, owner of Rylstone airpark and its unique place in the aviation industry.

'A lot of you know the aerodromes around Sydney are just disappearing,' Rob said. 'If you're a private owner has an aircraft at Bankstown or Camden, they don't want to pay the rent anymore.'

Rob says the concept of the airpark can help support those in the industry.

'The airpark is an exciting way for people to you know keep their aviation interest going,' he said.

Flight crews can call ahead to the park and land on the grass strip. Rob said it was all about the community.

We're working toward building a very exciting aviation community here. I like to think that what we're doing here at Rylstone is building a whole new hub. A whole new centre for having a brilliant time in aviation.

Rob Loneragan, owner of Rylstone airpark

Published date: 17 October 2022
Online version available at: https://www.casa.gov.au//resources-and-education/education-and-training/out-n-back/episode-30-interview-rob-loneragan-rylstone-airpark
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