Episode 23: Interview with Ron Creed from the Old Station

In between learning about some fundamentals, the crew had a chance to talk to owner of the Old Station, cattle station owned by Creed Grazing.

Ron Creed, a 5th generation cattle farmer, talks about using aircraft to muster cattle on the 26,000-acre property and some of the history.

'Traditionally mustering was always done with horses,' Ron said. 'We were one of the first ones in this part of Queensland to start using helicopters about 27 odd years ago.'

Ron said mustering before using helicopters involved up to 15 people on horses and took 2 days. 

'Today, we can cover that same paddock in about 2 hours in a helicopter,' he said.

While aircraft make Ron’s life easier, there are plenty of challenges and risks. 

You just got to get yourself in the right position at the right time. It's all about timing and understanding the psychology of the cattle. You can put too much pressure on them you'll make them go too fast or you could push them the wrong way. It’s knowing when to back off..

Ron Creed, Creed Grazing

Ron said one of the biggest risks was the landscape. 

'You're looking out for the weather and the wind. Up there can be very unpredictable, particularly turbulence around the mountains and ahead of the day you get updrafts and downdrafts.'

'In the lower country, particularly where their buildings are and other houses, you get power lines as well you'll watch out for wires,' he said. 

Ron said keeping his grass airstrip maintained was also a challenge. 

'Another thing to watch out for kangaroos,' he said. 'We do get a few roos on the strips as well. If anyone's coming in the lane is just going to watch out for that sort of thing.'

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