Aerodromes: Charleville, Narrabri, Lake Keepit, Tamworth and Rylstone

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Charleville (YBCV)

  • Non-controlled aerodrome
  • Check ERSA for details about refuelling options
  • Bird and animal hazard
  • Weather balloon launches (see ERSA)

Narrabri (YNBR)

  • Non-controlled aerodrome
  • Check ERSA for details about refuelling options
  • Parking restrictions in place (see ERSA)
  • Bird and animal hazard

Lake Keepit (YKEP)

  • Gliding operations 7 days a week, all year
  • Caution: multiple gliders in area, especially during competitions - visiting pilots should check for details on any club events
  • Complex runway layout – all grass
  • Located approximately halfway between Tamworth and Gunnedah
  • Note close proximity to Tamworth Class D and C controlled airspace to east
  • Note danger area south of Gunnedah (Williamtown military flying training) 
  • Serious kangaroo hazard warrants close runway inspection. Request ground assistance to clear, if required
  • Caution: over-flying open cut mine near Goonbri Mountain
Gliders parked at Lake Keepit aerodrome
Gliders parked at Lake Keepit aerodrome

Tamworth (YSTW)

  • Carry Tamworth VTC 
  • Regular RPT services, medivac and training flights
  • Refer to ERSA for information on refuelling options, GA parking, ATS frequencies, local traffic regulations and detailed arrival and departure flight procedures
  • Caution arriving and departing YSTW due proximity of gliding activity around Lake Keepit
  • If you are unsure about any procedures at Tamworth, contact air traffic control 
  • Caution high terrain of the Great Dividing Range borders Tamworth to the east, and Melville Range to the west

Rylstone (YRYL)

  • Private residential airpark - visitors welcome
  • Prior permission required. Phone for permission and strip condition
  • Carry VNC Newcastle for surrounding Williamtown military airspace (heck NOTAMs)
  • Grass cross strip 
  • Check ERSA for refuelling options
  • Visit website for more information
Aircraft landing at Rylstone aerodrome
Aircraft landing at Rylstone aerodrome
Published date: 17 October 2022
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