Aerodromes: Shute Harbour and Hamilton Island

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Shute Harbour (YSHR)

  • Shute Harbour/Whitsunday is a busy non-controlled aerodrome
  • Visit the Whitsundays Airport website and study the Visiting Pilot's Guide prior to leaving your previous point of departure
  • Prior permission required to land at Shute Harbour. Contact phone numbers in ERSA
  • Air traffic control services in place (see tower hours in ERSA)
  • High density light aircraft, float plane and helicopter traffic
  • Fly Neighbourly rules apply (see ERSA/FN6 Great Barrier Reef Marine Park)
  • Parachute operations take place overhead the runway. The pilot of the jump aircraft will broadcast intentions on the CTAF. Chutes will land approximately middle of the runway and just to the western side
  • Check ERSA for details about refuelling options
  • Aircraft parking instructions will be given to visiting pilots when they call to advise their arrival. Personal tie down kit required
  • Accommodation available at nearby Airlie Beach
Aerial view of Shute Harbour aerodrome
Aerial view of Shute Harbour aerodrome

Hamilton Island (YBHM)

  • Air traffic control services in place (see tower hours in ERSA)
  • See ERSA and Whitsunday VTC
  • Tower hours may change at short notice. Check status of airspace with ATS or YBHM ATIS
  • Prior permission required for landing and parking
  • Landing fees apply
  • Check ERSA for local traffic regulations
  • Check regulations for over water flight. Do you require life jackets or a life raft? Read our Part 91 Plain English Guide for more information
Aerial view of Hamilton Island aerodrome
Aerial view of Hamilton Island aerodrome
Published date: 17 October 2022
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