Aerodromes: Boulia, Mount Isa and Birdsville

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  • Non-controlled aerodrome
  • Check ERSA for details about refuelling
  • Significant bird hazard (kite hawks)
  • Short walk to town, accommodation available
Aerial view of Boulia aerodrome
Aerial view of Boulia aerodrome

Mount Isa

  • Large regional non-controlled aerodrome
  • Mix of traffic: RPT, Air Ambulance, charter ops, RAAF aircraft, private and training flights
  • Right-hand circuits RWY 34
  • Check ERSA for details about refuelling options
  • Parking restrictions (see ERSA)
  • ASIC and high-viz vests required
  • Note blasting information in ERSA and NOTAMs
  • Wildlife and bird hazard; refer NOTAMs and ISA Bird Watch Report
  • Weather balloon launches (see ERSA)
  • Plentiful accommodation in town, 3.4 nm to south of aerodrome
Aerial view of Mount Isa aerodrome
Aerial view of Mount Isa aerodrome


  • Non-controlled aerodrome
  • Designated Remote Area. See ERSA GEN-FIS Point 17 (Make sure you've packed a well-stocked survival kit and first aid kit.)
  • Bird hazard
  • Check ERA for details about refuelling options
  • Keep your mind open to the potential for the dirt cross strip to be the duty runway in the (not unusual) event of a strong crosswind
  • Short flight west to view Big Red sand dune, and south via Diamantina River and Goyder Lagoon to visit Lake Eyre
  • Special procedures during annual Birdsville Races. Check AICs and NOTAMs
Published date: 17 October 2022
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