Apply to be a Continuing Airworthiness Management Organisation

Follow these steps to become a Continuing Airworthiness Management Organisation (CAMO) approved under Subpart 42G of the CASR.

To apply you will need to submit an application form, relevant supporting documentation and an exposition.

You can contact us with questions about your application at any stage.

How to become a CASR Subpart 42G CAMO

  1. Complete an exposition

    An exposition details how your organisation conducts activities safely by complying with legislation.

    Regardless of how you structure your exposition – as a set of documents or one volume - you must include all the requirements set out in Subpart 42.G - Subsection 1.2.1 of Part 42 Manual Of Standards.

    We recommend using our sample exposition to help guide you to structure and write your exposition: CASR Subpart 42.G continuing airworthiness management organisations sample exposition.

    A template for a CASR Part 42 Continuing Airworthiness Management Organisation Exposition is also available through our Manual Authoring and Assessment Tool (MAAT). You can use the Tool to draft, revise, submit and update your exposition online. See the Part 42 Exposition - MAAT information.

  2. Download and complete application form

    Download the Form 42-01 Application for Subpart 42.G Approval. Complete all sections applicable to your organisation.

  3. Download and complete Nominated Personnel Form

  4. Submit your application

    Make sure your application contains the following documents:

    • Application for Subpart 42.G Approval form
    • Application for nominated personnel approval application form/s
    • Exposition – can be one document or a series of documents.

    Once you have completed all these documents, submit them to us using the details on the form.

    We will send you an email confirming receipt of your application.

  5. Review of your application

    Once we have received your application we will send you a confirmation email. If your application is incomplete, we will contact you.

    We will also provide you with a cost estimate of your application fee.

  6. Pay fees and submit supporting documents

    The application fee is based on an hourly rate. We will calculate the number of hours required to assess your application and provide an estimate. We will also tell you if we need any further supporting documents.

    We will consider any applicable fee waivers and where they are applicable, we will not charge industry fees, such as for transitioning existing privileges to their equivalent under the CASR Parts. Fees will apply to applicants seeking new or additional privileges.

    To proceed with your application, you need to:

    • pay the amount noted in the estimate letter
    • provide any further documents.

    We will not assess your application until we have received your payment and supporting documents.

  7. Detailed assessment

    We carry out a detailed assessment of your application. The assessment is done in accordance with requirements under the:

    • Civil Aviation Act
    • Civil Aviation Regulations 1988
    • Civil Aviation Safety Regulations 1998
    • CASR Subpart 42.G continuing airworthiness management organisation (CAMO) technical assessor handbook (PDF 1.19 MB)

    We may contact you to arrange a meeting to discuss:

    • assessment time frames
    • the suitability of the exposition and any other supporting documentation/manuals you submitted
    • the qualifications and/or responsibilities of personnel.
  8. Decision outcome

    Once we have all the required information and have completed assessing your application, we'll give you a recommendation or approval.

  9. Issue certificate

    If your application is successful, your certificate is sent to you by email and post.

    We'll reconcile our actual hours against our estimate and let you know if there's any adjustment.

    If we've spent less time on your application than initially estimated, we'll send you a refund for those hours along with your certificate.

    If you need to pay an additional fee, you must pay any outstanding amount before we send your certificate.

Withdrawal of application

You can withdraw your application in writing at any time. If you withdraw after we have reviewed your application, we will charge you for only the time we have already spent on your assessment.

We will send you an invoice or refund as applicable.

Last updated:
4 Jan 2022
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