MAAT manuals and expositions available for use

This is a list of manuals and expositions available to use in MAAT.

MAAT manuals and expositions

Manual / Exposition Regulations Last updated/published
Air Operators Exposition Flight operations regulations [135, 133, 138] May 2022
CASR Part 139 Aerodrome Manual Air Traffic Management Systems Regulations May 2020

CASR Part 141 Recreational, private and commercial pilot flight training other than integrated training.

View the Part 141 operations manual - MAAT information.

Flight Crew Licencing Regulations June 2021/August 2016

CASR Part 142 Integrated and multi-crew pilot flight training and contracted recurrent training and checking.

View the Part 142 Exposition - MAAT information.

Flight Crew Licensing Regulations March 2015 / November 2014
Subpart 21.J Approved Design Organisation Certification / Airworthiness October 2014 /July 2014
Subpart 21.J Design Assurance System Manual (DASM) Certification / Airworthiness October 2014 /July 2014

CASR Part 145 Approved Maintenance Organisation exposition

Note: The MAAT exposition template is undergoing updates to align with the latest version of the Part 145 Sample Exposition July 2020.

Contact a MAAT coordinator for more information.

Maintenance Regulations March 2016 /June 2011
CASR Part 145 Safety Management System (SMS) Maintenance Regulations December 2014 /June 2011

CASR Part 42 Continuing Airworthiness Management Organisation Exposition.

View the Part 42 Exposition - MAAT information.

Maintenance Regulations November 2016 /June 2011

Manuals and expositions under development

Manual / Exposition    Regulations  Expected release date
CASR Part 138 operations manual (MUSTERING) Flight operations regulations Coming soon
Last updated:
17 May 2022
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