Part 119 of CASR Australian air transport operators - certification and management

Rule status


New rules dealing with the certification and management for air transport operators commenced on 2 December 2021.

Part 119 of Civil Aviation Safety Regulations (CASR) sets out the certification and management rules for air transport. The rules can be flexibly applied to operations of different sizes and complexities.

The term air transport replaces both charter and regular public transport (RPT) and adds medical transport operations such as patient transport.

Part 119 regulations for air transport operators include:

  • scalable Safety Management Systems (SMS)
  • qualifications for key personnel
  • scalable training and checking system (T and C)
  • scalable human factors and non-technical training (HF/NTS) 
  • requirements for change management for operations.

Transition to new regulations

We have compiled information and resources about transitioning to the new regulations. Visit our flight operations transition section to find out more. 

Who it affects

Part 119 of CASR applies to all operators with an Air Operator's Certificate (AOC) for all air transport operators. These were previously know as charter, RPT or air ambulance operators.

CASRs are interconnected building blocks. So, while Part 119 deals with general certification and management, additional rules apply depending on your operations. 

You will also need to comply with one or more of the following:

Legislative instruments

Legislative instruments include exemptions to particular regulatory requirements in aviation regulations or a Manual of Standards, but which apply to a broad range of persons. Instruments related to this part will display in this space or you can view our list of legislative instruments.

5 legislative instruments available

Non-legislative instruments

Non-legislative instruments include exemptions to particular regulatory requirements in aviation regulations or a Manual of Standards, but which apply to a particular person. Non-legislative instruments related to this part will display in this space or your can view our list of non-legislative instruments.

Guidance material

Advisory material provides advice and guidance to explain particular regulatory requirements of a CASR Part. Guidance material relating to this part will appear in this space or you can view all our guidance material.

8 guidance material available

Acceptable means of compliance and guidance material (AMC/GMs) for part 119 Australian air transport operators – certification and management.

Advisory Circular AC 119-07 and AC 138-03 v2.0 - This multi-part AC provides guidance to all persons involved in the aviation industry who are seeking an improved understanding of the process of management of change.

Advisory Circular, Flight ops - Management of change Multi-Part AC 119-07 and AC 138-03

Advisory Circular AC 1-02 provides information to the aviation industry, detailing the requirements to have and maintain an exposition or operations manual to meet the regulatory requirements of CASR and the MOS.

Advisory Circular, Flight ops - General resource AC 1-02

Advisory Circular AC 1-03 provides advice on CASR regulations pertaining the flight operations. They include Parts 91, 119, 121,133, 135 and 138 of CASR, specifically for those transitioning to these regulations on 2 December 2021.

Advisory Circular, Flight ops - General resource AC 1-03

Advisory circular AC 119-01 has been written to assist organisations to meet Part 119 of CASR requirements and provides examples of SMS processes suitable for organisations operating under them.

Advisory Circular AC 119-01

Advisory Circular AC 119-12 provides information and guidance, and where relevant an acceptable means of compliance for the requirements of human factors and non-technical skills training under CASR Part 119.

Advisory Circular AC 119-12

Multi-Part Advisory Circular AC 119-11 and AC 138-02 provides guidance on establishing and managing a training and checking system in accordance with the relevant provisions of CASR Parts 119 and 138.

Advisory Circular Multi-Part AC 119-11 and AC 138-02

Advisory Circular AC 119-04 - Guidance on the establishment of a flight data analysis program (FDAP) – safety management systems (SMS)

Advisory Circular AC 119-04

Supporting resources

5 supporting resources available

This document is intended to assist future air transport operators to prioritise their actions to transition to the new flight operations regulations.

The Air Operator's Certificate Process Manual sets out a national standard procedure for processing an Air Operator’s Certificate's (AOC).

The purpose of this document is to present and summarise the key elements of these determinations in plainer English, as the legal instruments themselves are relatively lengthy, repetitive and complex.

The document supports the commencement of the flight operations regulations and represents the definitions from across the legislative suite as it will appear when those rules commence on 02 December 2021.

Impact of new flight operations regulations on flight crew licencing exams. The introduction of the new flight operations regulations on 2 December 2021 will mean changes to the various flight crew licensing (FCL) theory exams.

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