Air transport continuing airworthiness (ATCA) technical working group

This group is also referred to as the charter maintenance TWG.

The role of the air transport continuing airworthiness TWG is to:

  • provide industry sector insight and understanding of current needs and challenges
  • engage in policy development in line with key principles
  • review Summary of Consultation (SOC) of policy proposal.

Latest update

Work is continuing on the Part 145 MOS draft. CASA is preparing drafting instructions for Part 145 and Part 42 regulatory amendments.


  • Sheridan Austin
  • Andrew Bishop
  • Warren Bossie
  • Jeff Boyd
  • Andrew Harris
  • Colin Hockings
  • Peter Nikolic
  • David Paynter
  • Steven Re
  • Chris Schrapel
  • Ernie Shapanis
  • Wayne Sunderland
  • Shannon Wells

Reports and outcomes

Last updated:
10 Nov 2023
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