4.3 Duration of validity

See also 6.7 Periodic examinations requirements.

Unless otherwise advised by Aviation Medicine:

Classes of medical certificates and their duration of validity
Medical standard Duration of validity
Class 1 Medical certificate has a maximum validity period one year. For air transport pilot licence (ATPL) holders who are 60 years and over, the maximum validity period is six months. (Refer Chapter 4.4 Special reports and periodic tests required for medical certification for explanation about 'major' and 'minor' medicals.)
Class 2 Medical certificate has a maximum validity period of four years for applicants less than 40 years of age on the day of issue, and in all other cases for two years.
Class 3 Medical certificate has a maximum validity period of two years.

Where an applicant's medical condition is under review, the duration of a medical certificate validity may be varied at the discretion of the Principal Medical Officer (PMO).

Validity length and dates

  • If an applicant sits a major medical examination within 28 days of their certificate expiration date, then they will get a Class 1 medical certificate valid for a maximum of one year from that same anniversary date, and for an ATPL holder, a maximum validity date six months from that anniversary date.
  • If an applicant sits their medical examination prior to the 28-day period before their expiry date for either their Major or Minor medical, their anniversary date will change to the date they sit the medical.
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