Civil Aviation Orders (CAO)

Civil Aviation Orders (CAO)

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CAO 100.16
- Administration and procedure - distribution and rejection of aircraft components and aircraft materials - Instrument 2015

CAO 100.16 applies the holder of a certificate of approval covering the distribution of an aircraft component or an aircraft material; and any person permitted to carry out maintenance under regulation 42ZC of CAR 1988.

Civil Aviation Order Part 4 of CAR Part 4A of CAR Part 4B of CAR Part 4C of CAR Part 4D of CAR Part 21 of CASR Part 131 of CASR
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CAO 108.10
- Inspection for flaws by dye penetrant methods - Instrument 2007

CAO 108.10 specifies procedures relating to the inspection of aircraft, aircraft components and aircraft materials for flaws by dye penetrant methods. 

Civil Aviation Order Part 1 of CAR Part 2 of CAR Part 4 of CAR Part 4A of CAR Part 4B of CAR Part 10 of CAR Part 14 of CAR Part 20 of CAR Part 5 of CAR Part 9 of CAR Part 10 of CAR Part 16 of CAR Part 17 of CAR Part 18 of CAR Part 19 of CAR
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