Part 67 of CASR Medical

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Part 67 of the Civil Aviation Safety Regulations (CASR) sets out requirements for:

  • appointing medical examiners
  • medical standards¬†
  • issuing and renewing certificates
  • suspending and cancelling certificates.

Who it affects

Part 67 of CASR affects:

  • designated aviation medical examiners (DAMEs)
  • designated aviation ophthalmologists (DAOs)
  • pilots
  • air traffic controllers.

Legislative instruments

Legislative instruments include exemptions to regulatory requirements in aviation regulations or a Manual of Standards.

Exemptions may apply to a broad range of people.

Instruments related to this part will display in this space or you can view our list of legislative instruments.

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Non-legislative instruments

Non-legislative instruments apply to a particular person. There are some exemptions to regulatory requirements in aviation regulations or a Manual of Standards listed here.

Non-legislative instruments can be viewed on the Classes of medical certificate web page.

Guidance material

Advisory material provides advice and guidance to explain particular regulatory requirements of a CASR Part. Guidance material relating to this part will appear in this space or you can view all our guidance material.

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CAAP ADMIN-01 Indemnity arrangements for delegates, authorised persons and flight examiner rating holders

Civil Aviation Advisory Publication Version: 2.1

This guidance material aims to provide comprehensive guidance to Designated Aviation Medical Examiners (DAMEs) and assessors regarding acceptable variations in electrocardiogram (ECG) results and a sample of abnormal ECG findings.

General Version: 1.0
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