3.5 Duties and responsibilities of DAOs and COs

On becoming aware of any condition that is safety relevant in the holder of or applicant for an aviation medical certificate, the DAO or CO must notify CASA of full details within five working days. Note that certain minor conditions need not be reported until the applicant's next-following routine medical assessment (see 6.5 Temporary Incapacity of Certificate Holders). CASR 67.125 refers.

The DAO or CO Duties and Responsibilities of DAOs and COs must be satisfied as to the identity of each applicant for medical certification. Unless the DAME or CO personally knows the applicant, they must sight a photographic identity document of the applicant. Subsequently, the DAO or CO is required to certify that they have formally identified each applicant. CASR 67.170 refers.

The DAO or CO must examine personally each applicant presenting for examination and record the results in the eye examination report via MRS online. The DAO or CO is to comply with CASA's directions concerning completion and lodgement of eye examination reports. See examiners with farnsworth lantern testing facilities on the CASA website.

The DAO or CO must ensure that the applicant signs Application for aviation medical certificate declaration form 011A on completion of the examination, enter they're details on the statement, and forward it to CASA within the period specified..

The DAO or CO must maintain an up-to-date knowledge of the relevant civil aviation medical standards and techniques required by CASA and by ICAO, and also interpret these requirements for applicants for medical certification. In particular, the DAO or CO is to understand and implement advice from CASA contained in the DAME Newsletters or of changes to the DAME Handbook.

The DAO or CO is required to display his/her certificate of appointment as a DAO or CO in his or her professional rooms.

The official CASA stamp is no longer issued to DAMEs and has no role in the processing of applications.

Updated: 11 April 2022
Online version available at: https://www.casa.gov.au//search-centre/manuals-and-handbooks/designated-aviation-medical-examiners-handbook/35-duties-and-responsibilities-daos-and-cos
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