Conduct exams online using PEXO

We develop, manage and deliver flight crew exams through the online system PEXO.

PEXO Registrars and Invigilators

PEXO enables Registrars and Invigilators in the aviation industry to manage flight crew examinations online.

Registrars are able to:

  • book exams
  • arrange exam sessions
  • postpone exam sessions.

Invigilators are able to:

  • Provides the candidate with their ‘Place card’
  • issue exam results
  • issue Knowledge deficiency reports (KDRs).

Requirements of PEXO Invigilators

PEXO Invigilators must:

  • check the photographic identity of each candidate before the exam starts
  • read aloud the mandatory instructions to candidate before every exam session
  • check the candidates' permitted materials
  • provide specific exam material for each exam candidate
  • provide a secure computer for each exam candidate
  • provide a secure examination room for each exam candidate
  • be physically present in the exam room throughout the entire duration.

The Invigilator is strictly restricted to the functions of examination administration and supervision. They must not:

  • provide technical advice on the examination
  • interpret examination questions, diagrams or charts
  • provide instructions, advice or hints on how to solve a question.

See the PEXO invigilator and registrar handbook for more details.

The mandatory instructions must be read to candidates prior to the commencement of all PEXO exam sessions.

PEXO system support

Our exam Help Desk is available from 0830 to 1630 Canberra time (Monday to Friday).

Registrars and Invigilators must use the Help Desk mobile telephone number. You can find this number in the PEXO handbook.

We will not reissue passwords over the phone.

See PEXO systems support for more details.

Email address

A secure email address that is only accessible by the applicant is mandatory. We send confidential information to the PEXO Registrar and Invigilator's secure email. We will not approve Applicants who don't have a secure email address.

We ask that Registrars and Invigilators check their email accounts regularly for our messages.

Contact us

For more information, contact us.

Last updated:
4 Dec 2021
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