Part 9 of CAR Aerodromes

Rule status


Part 9 of Civil Aviation Regulations (CAR) sets out operational requirements in relation to the use of an aerodrome by aircraft, as well as the removal or marking of obstructions, dangerous lights and certain wildlife attractants.

Who it affects

Part 9 of CAR affects:

  • aircraft operators
  • pilots
  • unregulated aerodrome operators (aeroplane┬álanding areas)
  • owners of structures and other places which exhibit dangerous lights, infringes defined limits or constitutes a potential hazard to aircraft in the vicinity of an aerodrome, or where stored waste foodstuffs in the vicinity of an aerodrome create a potential hazard to aircraft through the attraction of birds.

Non-legislative instruments

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Guidance material

Advisory material provides advice and guidance to explain particular regulatory requirements of a CASR Part. Guidance material relating to this part will appear in this space or you can view all our guidance material.

2 guidance material available

CAAP 92-2 provides guidance on the guidelines used to determine the suitability for helicopters to land and take-off when the place does not meet the SARPs for Heliports under the Chicago Convention.

Civil Aviation Advisory Publication CAAP 92-2

CAAP 92-4 provides guidance for the regulation of offshore helicopter operations under CASR Part 133 and brings the design and siting of helidecks on offshore platforms and vessels in the previous version up-to-date.

Civil Aviation Advisory Publication CAAP 92-4
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