Clinical case conference panel: coming soon

We’re setting up a clinical case conference panel to help pilots and air traffic controllers understand how we make aviation medicine decisions.

About the panel

The panel will give pilots and air traffic controllers a way to meet with:

  • senior CASA aviation medicine representatives
  • Designated Aviation Medicine Examiners (DAMEs)
  • treating medical practitioners.

You can ask us to organise a meeting if:

  • you have a complex medical condition(s) that you would like to discuss before we consider your application for a medical certificate
  • we denied your application for a medical certificate and you want to understand why
  • we have, or are about to, place conditions on your medical certificate that you would like to discuss
  • we have suspended or cancelled your medical certificate and you would like more information about why
  • you have asked us to reconsider a decision under the aviation medicine rules (Civil Aviation Safety Regulation 67.190).

In some cases, we may approach you about a meeting. We’ll do this in agreement and consultation with your DAME.

Stay tuned for more information about how to request a meeting with the panel.

Appealing a decision

The clinical case conference panel will be an informal place to discuss your personal circumstances. A discussion with the panel can help you understand more about why we have made our decisions.

The panel cannot consider complaints or appeals. Find out how you can make a complaint or objection about a medical decision.

Last updated:
24 May 2022
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