Aircraft low visibility operations (OPS.12) - protocol suite

The protocol suite provides a structure for how we make decisions in relation to the assessment of aircraft low visibility operations. It consists of the following documents:

  • Protocol (OPS.12) - Aircraft low visibility operations
  • Principle (OPS.12) - Aircraft low visibility operations
  • Worksheet (OPS.12) - Aircraft low visibility operations

The protocol document provides a summary of the policies, concept and philosophy that sits behind the document suite. It identifies approved supplementary documents that are applicable.

The principle document provides technical guidance to our inspectors. This helps our inspectors make an informed decision on the suitability of an application. It also ensures we are being consistent and using a standard approach. The question in the principle document relates to a question in the worksheet.

We use the worksheet as a record of the assessment and the decision we make. Each worksheet question relates to a regulatory requirement.

Depending on the nature of the application, you need the following forms:

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