How we develop our staff

We offer ongoing career development for our staff. Our training programs are help grow their technical and regulatory skills and improve management and leadership.

Our training programs

Our training programs are designed specifically for our people:

  • Aviation Safety Regulators (Inspectors)
  • administrative staff
  • specialist support staff.

We also provide professional development programs and courses. These can lead to qualifications under the Australian Qualifications Framework.

We provide initial, on-the-job, and re-currency training programs for our staff. This helps ensure they maintain their technical knowledge, and have the skills they need to perform their jobs.

Some of the programs available to all our staff are:

  • orientation and induction program for all new staff
  • management and leadership development
  • technical and regulatory skills development.

Study assistance

Our Studies Assistance Program offers supports our staff to study. This includes financial support as part of obtaining a qualification.

We also offer a range of paid or unpaid leave options for study and exam completion.

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