MAAT features, benefits and resources

MAAT is a free online tool for Australian and foreign organisations applying for or transiting to Australian regulatory approvals. 

Use MAAT to develop and manage your regulatory manuals and expositions electronically by using the provided templates and entering your operational content. 

Automated features include:

  • version control
  • list of Effective (LEP) updates
  • draft watermark appearance and removal
  • table of contents 
  • page numbering
  • headers and footers (which can be customised)
  • email notifications keeping everyone informed
  • MAAT supports small to medium-sized organisations but is available for everyone to use, including manual writers.

MAAT features and benefits

MAAT has a range of useful features, including editing and design and assessment tools.

Editing and design tools

Some of the editing and design tools in MAAT include: 

  • electronic and paper free manual management 
  • see your manual/exposition on the screen whenever needed - print a hard copy if desired
  • put your logo or image on the cover page and in the header
  • customise your headers and footers and table of contents appearance
  • enter your content in the sections of the chosen manual or exposition
  • guidance information is provided including best practices, regulatory references, and links to webpages and documents to assist with your content.

Assessment progress tools

When your content is ready submit it within MAAT direct to CASA for processing and assessment. 

Some of the process and assessment tools include: 

  • section and manual status icons clearly show where you are up to at any time
  • everyone is viewing and work on the current version of the manual
  • submit the manual for CASA assessment and include your application form and supporting documents if needed
  • watch the progress % throughout the assessment process
  • review the assessment results and feedback provided for compliance and add your comments in response
    • update content and resubmit it at any time
    • compare previously assessed content and see the track changes
    • view content from previous versions in each section (available from version 2 onwards)
  • automated email notifications keep everyone informed on the progress of the process
  • guidance, sample text and regulatory information are updated by CASA to ensure manuals and expositions are up-to-date with current regulations and best practice. All you need to do update your content.

MAAT technical support

When using MAAT and need assistance, the ‘HELP’ feature within MAAT has many topics available.

If you are unable to find an answer, you can also contact us for support.

Section status and icon reference table

The status icons in MAAT display the status of sections and determine different actions and activities required by either your or CASA.

This table shows the icons used in MAAT and who can see and do what, when.

Manual authoring and assessment tool icons and their use
Manual authoring and assessment tool icons and their use
Last updated:
7 Dec 2021
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