How MAAT works

Use MAAT to draft, edit, and submit manuals and expositions for CASA assessment. Here are the basics on how to create a new manual, submit, update and create a new version. 

Training is available when you register. You can also access the HELP topics when you log in or contact a MAAT coordinator for personal support whenever needed.

Steps for using the MAAT

  1. Adding your content

    Login using the details provided by the MAAT coordinator (organisation name, username, password).

    • Create user access for your team (Administrator, Principal Author, author roles are available).
    • Customise the look and feel of the manual (cover page, TOC, headers/footers, section titles etc).
    • To start drafting a new manual, choose one from the list provided.
    • Update the recurring fields (placeholders) with your company details (organisation name, key personnel etc) in each section where requiring content – these will automatically populate in the sample text when inserted.
    • In each section review the provided sample text options, review the guidance and links provided for further information.
    • Enter content by:
      • inserting the chosen sample text into each section (you can leave it as is or update to reflect your operation).
      • pasting or typing in your own text and applying formatting 
      • inserting images
      • attaching files (set printing requirements to this section, end of the manual, or to not print (info only)).
      • adding a comment for the assessing inspector
      • adding your notes/reminders/message for other authors (not visible to CASA)
      • adding any sections to capture your specific operational requirements.

    When you are happy with the content within each section, mark it as ‘Ready to be submitted’ – this can be changed if you need to update the content. CASA cannot view your manual’s content until it’s submitted for assessment.

  2. Submit for assessment

    • Submit the content for processing and assessment.
    • Include any applicable forms and/or supporting documents:
      • an automatic email notification goes to CASA processing centre with the details of your submission and documents
      • the submitter also receives a confirmation email.
    • CASA processes your submission and assigns the manual/exposition to a CASA inspector for assessment.
  3. Assessment

    • A CASA inspector reviews your submitted content. Sections that have content requiring updating will include inspector comments for guidance.
    • You can see the assessment progress as a percentage throughout this process.
    • You will receive an automated email notification when the inspector makes the results available for your review.
  4. Review assessment results and updates

    On receipt of the assessment email notification:

    • Login and review the assessment results.
    • Review any sections that require updates, view the guidance comments provided by the inspector.
    • Update the content and resubmit the sections for assessment.
    • The inspector receives an automated email notification and logs in to continue the assessment.
  5. Finalising the manual

    When all sections in the assessment are completed, and the progress is 100%, the inspector will finalise the manual. 

    When finalised, MAAT automatically:

    • removes the draft watermark from your manual/exposition 
    • updates the cover page and list of effective pages with the date finalised
    • emails all relevant users letting them know the manual has been finalised 
    • displays a ‘Create draft’ button which is used to create a new version when updates are required.

    The inspector will progress your application and the processing centre will issue or update your certificate/approval as required.

    When you receive the email notification advising your manual has been finalised:

    • log in and print your manual either to the printer, or save as a pdf
    • incorporate it into your manual suite.
  6. Making a revision

    When you need to make a revision to your manual: 

    • Open the finalised manual and select the ‘create draft’ button.
    • Version 2 + (as applicable) is created as a new manual ready for updating.
      • all manual details automatically update with the new version details.
    • Re-edit sections that require updating.
    • Submit for assessment (with your application form if applicable).
  7. Publishing a non-significant change

    You can also publish your own non-significant change for applicable regulations in MAAT.

    • After creating the new version, updating the content and are ready to finalise it, select the ‘Publish a non-significant change’ option.
    • Attach relevant application form and if applicable, supporting documents.
    • Publish the version.

    After you publish the version:

    • the manual/exposition is automatically finalised
    • the draft watermark is removed
    • the ‘List of Effective’ pages and cover page updated with the date
    • automated emails are sent to CASA notifying use of your non-significant change and includes any forms or documents included
    • email is again received by the publisher
    • print and incorporate the new version into your manual suite.
    • CASA will process your submission with the details provided.

MAAT technical support

If you’re using MAAT and need assistance see the ‘HELP’ button within MAAT which has many topics available.

If you are unable to find an answer, you can also contact us.

Last updated:
7 Dec 2021
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