Applying Appendix 1 of fatigue management rules

The steps required to develop fatigue management policies and procedures under Appendix 1. This is a prescriptive approach.

Learn more about managing fatigue and working to an appendix to the fatigue rules.

How to develop fatigue management policies and procedures under Appendix 1

  1. Understand which appendix is suitable

    There are multiple options for managing your fatigue policies. We recommend you assess if Appendix 1 is suitable for your operations.

    If you require any of your pilots to conduct operations in the early hours of the morning (between 1am and first light), Appendix 1 will not be suitable.

    You can find further guidance in CAAP 48-01 fatigue management for flight crew members.

  2. Review and amend

    Develop content for your operations manual to ensure it has procedures and limits for Appendix 1 or use a sample manual. You can find further guidance in Appendix C of CAAP 48-01.

    If you require your pilots to operate to other appendices, you need to develop procedures to meet requirements for operations under multiple appendices.

    These procedures must manage flight crew member transitions between appendices. They must also meet the requirements of subsection 13 and subparagraph 15.2(d) of Civil Aviation Order 48.1 Instrument 2019 (CAO 48.1).

    Further guidance is available in Appendix B of CAAP 48-01.

  3. Develop procedures

    Develop procedures to ensure compliance with general requirements set out in section 14 of CAO 48.1 (such as rostering systems and provision for meals).

    Further guidance is available in Section 4 of CAAP 48-01.

  4. Submission to us

    For existing Air Operator's Certificate holders

    Make sure your operations manual addresses the requirements under Appendix 1. You can then submit your operations manual amendment to us.

    For new Air Operator's Certificate holders

    If you are also applying for an AOC, ensure your AOC application addresses the requirements under Appendix 1.

    Submit it with your AOC application documents, including a completed

    CAO 48.1 Instrument 2019 - Appendix 1 to 6 Technical Assessor Worksheet (XLSX, 3.26 MB)

     (filtered to the appendices to be operated to) as evidence of compliance with CAO 48.1 and applicable appendices provisions.

    Note: You must document all limits and procedures in your operations manual and must satisfy our rules. This includes making sure they are sufficient to reasonably ensure pilots will not exceed safe levels of fatigue while operating an aircraft.

Process for changing appendices

If you wish to change from Appendix 1 to one or more of Appendices 2 to 6, refer to Applying Appendices 2 to 6.

Processes for amending an operations manual and submitting to us

You should submit your operations manual amendments and include a summary of the changes to the manual.

If your fatigue management procedures are part of a larger operations manual document, submit a complete manual.

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30 May 2022
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