Template resources for fatigue supplements

We have designed these templates to assist you to develop an operations manual document/section/supplement for compliance with Civil Aviation Order 48.1 Instrument 2019 (CAO 48.1).

Sample operations manual supplements for:

How to use the templates

When developing an operations manual supplement, we strongly recommend you refer to CAAP 48-01 Fatigue Management for Flight Crew Members.

While the CAAP is advisory in nature, it has important information and guidance to help you develop a compliant submission. 

The template is generic in nature and may be more useful to smaller or less complex operations. This is because of the range of activities carried out by AOC holders and the variance in size and complexity of aviation organisations.

Where and how to change sample text

You will need to change (amend, delete, and add to) the document to suit your operation, procedures, organisational structure and so on.

There are specific items you will need to change when developing your operations manual supplement. These include:

  • Replace placeholder text <XXXX> or text highlight blue to suit your organisation. For example, enter AOC holder’s name; CEO’s name; role in organisational structure; name of the system used; or other specific information particular to your organisation.
  • Numerical limits highlighted in green. You must replace the green highlighted limits with the limits relevant to your operation. The actual limits you choose must reflect your hazard identification and risk assessment procedures. Your chosen limits must not fall outside the limits prescribed in the relevant Appendix.
  • 'Notes' highlighted in orange give further direction to help you develop procedures. To meet requirements, it’s likely your manual will need to contain procedures and processes dealing with the matters in orange. As mentioned, you will also need to consult CAAP 48-01 for more comprehensive guidance.

You should remove the orange guidance text from your finished document before you submit it to us.

Please remember to:

  • update the labels for tables and forms to suit your organisation’s operations manual or exposition. Remember to also update any related references in the text that have changed as a result.
  • change the numbering in the template to align with the numbering system of your operations manual or exposition, if needed.

Note on definitions used in the templates

The definitions are specific to CAO 48.1 (2019) and appear in the template either:

You must not change the definitions in your fatigue:

  • document
  • section
  • supplement.

This is even if they are inconsistent with terms used elsewhere in your operations manual or exposition.

Last updated:
11 Jul 2023
Online version available at: https://www.casa.gov.au//operations-safety-and-travel/safety-advice/fatigue-management/template-resources-fatigue-supplements
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