Radio use and general procedures when Jandakot Tower is closed

  • CTAF – AFRU 118.1
  • Class C airspace above 1,500 ft remains active when JKT TWR is closed.
  • During daylight hours, standard Class D departure and arrival tracks should be used.
  • A maximum of 5 aircraft may operate for circuit training.
  • Aircraft conducting circuit training outside of tower hours should broadcast intentions downwind.
  • Outside tower hours, circuit directions are:
    • RWY 06L – right
    • RWY 12, 24R and 30 – left
    • RWY 06R/24L – not available.

Calls recommended all the time

Situation Example broadcast
Before take-off or during taxi Jandakot traffic, C172, ZTQ taxiing runway 06L for training area, Jandakot.
Inbound at least 10 nm from the aerodrome or further for high performance aircraft Jandakot traffic, C172, ZTQ one-zero miles south inbound 1,500, estimating circuit at two five, Jandakot.
Overflying or in the vicinity of Jandakot outside of tower hours, but not landing, or further for high performance aircraft Jandakot traffic, C172, ZTQ one-zero miles south 1,500, overflying, estimating overhead two five, Jandakot.

Calls when there is other traffic

Situation Example broadcast
Entering a runway Jandakot traffic, C172, ZTQ lining up 06L, Jandakot.
Joining the circuit Jandakot traffic, C172, ZTQ joining crosswind, runway 24/06, Jandakot.
Making a straight in approach, not less than 3 nm from the touchdown threshold* Jandakot traffic, C172, ZTQ joining 3 nm final, straight-in approach runway 06L, Jandakot.
Joining on base leg Jandakot traffic, C172, ZTQ joining base, runway 06L, Jandakot.
During an instrument approach, either when established at the final approach fix, or when commencing the missed approach Jandakot traffic, C172, ZTQ conducting missed approach, runway 06, tracking to the south east, climbing 3,000, Jandakot.
Once clear of the active runway(s) Jandakot traffic, C172, ZTQ clear of runway 06L, Jandakot.

*Pilots should be aware that a GNSS indication of 3 nm from an aerodrome may not be 3 nm to the runway threshold.

Radio Frequencies

Frequency name Frequency
Jandakot Ground 124.3
Jandakot Tower 118.1 or 119.4
ATIS 128.65 or 281
Perth Center 135.25
Jandakot CTAF 118.1

Phone numbers

Contact Phone number
Jandakot Tower 08 9476 8833
ATIS 08 9476 8755
CENSAR 1800 814 931


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