Register a glider

Gliders have the same registration requirements as powered aircraft.

The Gliding Federation of Australia (GFA) registers gliders on our behalf through an instrument of delegation.

How to apply to register your glider

  1. Have this information ready before you begin:

    • your aviation reference number
    • a photo of the aircraft manufacturer’s data plate (for initial registration applications).

    To nominate a specific registration mark, you must have one reserved or apply to reserve an aircraft registration mark from our list of available marks.

    If you do not reserve a mark, we will allocate an available mark.

    You do not need to give us certified copies of evidence of identification and eligibility.

    You must submit your application via the GFA.

  2. Complete the relevant form

    Registered operators, owners and registration holders can use the following forms to register a glider, change or update glider registration and ownership details.

    Apply for initial registration

    If your glider is not VH registered you will need to apply for an initial registration.

    As the owner, complete Form 1329 Aircraft registration (glider) initial registration.

    Transfer registration following a change of ownership

    As the registration holder or former owner, complete :

    As the new owner, complete:

    Change a registration mark

    As the registration holder or authorised registered operator complete Form 1323 Change of registration mark (glider).

    Cancel a registration

    To cancel a registration, complete Form 1326 Cancellation of an aircraft registration under part 47 (glider).

    Change glider details

    As the registration holder, complete Form 1330 Change of aircraft details (glider).

    Notify of the appointment or cancellation of a registered operator

    As the registration holder complete Form 1332 - Appointment / Cancellation of Registered Operator (glider).

    The current registered operator can also cancel their own appointment as the registered operator.

    A nomination must be accepted by the nominated registered operator.

    Replace a glider certificate of registration

    You can request a replacement certificate of registration if your original certificate has been:

    • lost
    • stolen
    • destroyed
    • damaged to the point that the certificate is not legible.

    To order a replacement, as the registration holder, complete Form 1399 Replacement aircraft certificate of registration (glider).

    If you need a replacement certificate of registration due to a change in owner, use:

    If you need a replacement certificate of registration due to a change in aircraft details, complete Form 1330.

  3. Statutory declarations

    If you need to provide a statutory declaration for any registration related matter, see Statutory declarations to learn more and download the form.

    You do not need this form for the majority of registration related issues.

  4. Pay the fee

    Applicable fees are outlined in the application forms. You must pay the fee before the GFA can process your form.

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5 Apr 2022
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