Reserve an aircraft registration mark

Registered aircraft in Australia all have unique registration marks. You can reserve a registration mark for up to 12 months.

The format includes:

  • the nationality mark for an Australian aircraft 'VH' (established under the Chicago Convention)
  • a hyphen
  • 3 characters.

There are special cases where dealer marks are assigned to individuals and organisations.

How to apply to reserve a registration mark

  1. Have this information ready before you begin:

    • the mark you want to reserve
    • your aircraft details, including manufacturer, model and serial number
    • your Aviation Reference Number (ARN).

    You can see which marks are available to reserve in the list of available aircraft registration marks.

    Aircraft registration marks in Australia have now changed to include alphanumeric registration marks giving you more choice in selecting an appropriate mark for your aircraft.

  2. Complete the form

    Use Application for mark reservation Form 028. Follow the instructions on the form.

    Use this form if you are:

    • the owner of the aircraft
    • the owner's representative.

    If there is more than one owner, you will need to select a single representative to hold the reservation.

    We gather and store your information according to our Privacy Statement. We will not release details about individuals or organisations who reserve a mark.

  3. Submit the form

    Submit your application along with any supporting documents to us and pay the fee. Email or post your completed application using the details on the form.

    Application by email is our preferred option.

  4. Pay the fee

    You must pay a fee when applying to reserve a registration mark for your aircraft. The fee is $65.00.

    You can pay by completing the payment details on the form.

  5. After you submit the form

    If there is information missing from your application we will contact you to ask for it.

    Mark reservation applications are processed in order of receipt. If the same mark is requested by two different parties on the same day, the mark will be reserved for the first reservation received, provided the application is completed correctly.

    If we approve your application, we will issue a Confirmation of Reservation.

    The following conditions apply to your reservation:

    • you cannot place the mark on any other aircraft
    • no one but you can use the mark.

    You will need to notify CASA if you want to:

    • use a different registration mark on your aircraft
    • use your registration mark on another aircraft.

    Learn how to change a registration mark.

    If your mark isn't assigned to a registered aircraft within 12 months, the reservation expires.

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23 Sep 2022
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