Part 142 of CASR explanation of changes

Rule change

We’re currently making changes to Part 142 of the Civil Aviation Safety Regulations (CASR).

The information provided in this section outlines:

  • what is changing
  • what you need to know and do
  • links to any relevant guidance and reference material. 

Review the flight crew licensing regulations following implementation and commencement to rectify anomalies in the regulations and standards.

You can view implementation information on the licensing regulations information page.

What is changing

Part 142 changes are subject to post-implementation monitoring and procedural anomalies identified that require consideration and rectification. These include the requirement to provide exemptions for activities, including:

  • Check Pilot Operator proficiency check exemption
  • language proficiency exemption
  • proficiency check for HofO aerial application exemption
  • medical and CPL flight test exemption
  • firefighting exemption.

We may prepare other legislative instruments to amend certain aspects of the general regulations and standards.

Guidance material

There are no current guidance materials related to changes for Part 142 of CASR.

Online version available at:
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