Registration process

If you are the owner of an unregistered aircraft, you can apply to register the aircraft.

To register an aircraft you must be a legal entity.

The registered operator must meet the definition of an eligible person under Part 47 of CASR.

Where there is more than one owner, see Registration by joint owners and trusts.

Before you submit your form

  1. Have this information ready before you begin:

    Have your aviation reference number ready before you begin your form.

    To nominate a specific registration mark, you must have one reserved or apply to reserve an aircraft registration mark from our list of available marks.

    If you do not reserve a mark, we will allocate an available mark.

  2. Complete the form

    Use Form 29 Aircraft registration initial registration to register an aircraft. Follow the instructions on the form.

    We gather and store your information according to our privacy statement.

  3. Submit the form

    Submit your application along with any supporting documents to us following the instructions in the form and pay the fee.

  4. Pay the fee

    You must pay a fee when applying to register an aircraft.

    The fee for registering an aircraft is $130.00.

  5. After you submit the form

    We will review your application to ensure it is correct and complete.

    We will contact you if we need more information.

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4 Dec 2021
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