Part 103 of CASR Sport and recreation aircraft

Rule status


Part 103 of the Civil Aviation Safety Regulations (CASR) sets out rules for organisations involved in sport aviation and recreation aircraft.

A limited number of rules within Part 91 of CASR apply to the operation of Part 103 aircraft. See CASR 91.030 for more information.

Part 103 Manual of Standards

A Manual of Standards (MOS) supports Part 103 and contains requirements of greater technical detail. The Part 103 MOS is not yet in effect.

The Part 103 MOS will be subject to further consultation from industry. This includes advice from the:

  • Aviation Safety Advisory Panel
  • Part 103 Technical Working Group.

We have re-released a number of Civil Aviation Orders that apply to the operation of sport and recreation aircraft. This means sport aviation bodies can continue to operate sport and recreation aircraft.

For balloons refer to the Part 131 rules.

Sport aviation bodies do not need to update their approved manuals.

Aircraft maintenance rules in the CAR apply to Part 103 aircraft with a standard certificate of airworthiness as well as some experimental aircraft. This also includes sailplanes.

A Part 149 Approved self-administering organisation (ASAO) can operate an aeroplane up to 760 kg with a change to their exposition.

The criteria for the establishment and operation of these administering organisations is in Part 149 of CASR.

Who it affects

Part 103 of CASR affects:

  • organisations involved in sport aviation as defined in Part 103
  • sport and recreation aircraft (see the definition in regulation 103.005 of the term ‘Part 103 aircraft’) pilots and maintainers.

Part 103 does not apply to the recreational operation of Part 131 aircraft (manned free balloons and hot air airships).

Legislative instruments

Legislative instruments apply to a broad range of people. These instruments include Manuals of Standards and exemptions to regulatory requirements.

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Non-legislative instruments

Non-legislative instruments apply to a particular person. Some exemptions to regulatory requirements in aviation regulations or a Manual of Standards may be listed here.

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Guidance material

Advisory material provides advice and guidance to explain particular regulatory requirements of a CASR Part. Guidance material relating to this part will appear in this space or you can view all our guidance material.

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Advisory Circular 91-02 provides guidance to assist pilots when determining the suitability for an aeroplane to safely take off and land. It details an overview of the pilot’s responsibilities.

Advisory Circular, Flight ops - General resource Version: 1.2
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