Sport aviation (Part 103) Manual of Standards technical working group

The role of the Part 103 MOS TWG is to:

  • provide current, relevant technical expertise for the development, analysis, and review of legislative and nonā€legislative solutions to identified issues
  • evaluate whether the draft Part 103 MOS will achieve the policy intent and be implementable by the Australian aviation industry.

Read more about Part 103 of CASR Sport and recreation aircraft.

Latest updates

There have been delays on the progress of the Part 103 MOS due to resourcing issues. The TWG is expected to be re-engaged soon.


  • Jeff Blunt
  • Brett Coupland
  • Paul Green
  • Grahame Hill
  • Michael Monck
  • Mark Pike
  • Mark Regan
  • Anthony Smith
  • Jared Smith
  • Chris Thorpe

Tasking instructions

Reports and outcomes

Last updated:
10 Nov 2023
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