Aeroplane type ratings guide

We specify aircraft that have a type rating in the Prescription of Aircraft and Ratings — CASR Part 61 Instrument.

Find the type and model of aircraft you want to fly and the type rating you need.

In the example below, the A320 type rating covers the Airbus A318, A319, A320 and A321 models. If you have an A320 type rating, you can fly any of these models without the need to complete an approved course of differences training.

When a differences training requirement (DTR) is not specified for variants covered by a type rating, the training typically will not require the use of a flight simulator to satisfy the CASR 61.385 general competency regulation.

Type certificate holder or manufacturer Aeroplane models and variants Differences training required? Type rating
Airbus A318 series
A319 series
A320 series
A321 series
No A320

Differences training

We specify a differences training requirement (DTR) in the table when we determine that the differences between the models or variant covered by a type rating require further training.

In the example table below, the B737-300 to 900 type rating covers many models and variants of the Boeing B737 aeroplane. The -300, -400 and -500 series are in one group, while the -600, -700, -800, -900 and -BBJ models are in a separate group. The latest 737 -8 and 9 series models are also in a separate group.

If you complete your training for the B737-300 to 900 type rating in a B737-500 series, you must complete differences training before flying any of the model B373-600 to -900 series.

You can complete the differences training on any model or variant in the same group.

Type Models and variants Differences training required? Type rating required
Boeing B737-300 series
B737- 400 series
B737- 500 series
DTR B737-300 to 900
  B737-600 series
B737- 700 series
B737- 800 series
B737- 900 series
B737-BBJ series
  B737-8 series
B737-9 series

Regulations for type rated aeroplanes

The rules for type rated aeroplanes are in Part 61 of CASR Flight crew licencing:

  • 61.055 - prescription of type ratings and variants - multi-crew aircraft
  • 61.060 - prescription of type ratings - single-pilot aircraft
  • 61.200 - differences training requirements
  • 61.205 - when training must not be in aircraft
  • Division 61.L.5 - pilot type ratings
  • Division 61.W - flight engineer type ratings
  • Paragraph 142.015(2)(d) - Part 142 flight training (definition).
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