Helicopter type ratings guide

We specify helicopters that require a type rating in the Prescription of Aircraft and Ratings — CASR Part 61 Instrument.

Explore the instrument to find the model of helicopter you want to fly and the type rating you need.

Differences training

We specify a differences training requirement (DTR) in the table when we determine that the differences between the models or variant covered by a type rating require further training.

We have identified aircraft models that have differences training required (DTR), in the prescription of type ratings instrument.

In the example below, the SK76 type rating covers many variants of the Sikorsky S 76 series helicopter.

If you complete your training for the SK76 type rating in a model S 76B series, you must complete differences training before you are permitted to fly any of the other models covered by the SK76 type rating (for example, the S 76A/S 76C/S 76D).

Type certificate holder or manufacturer Helicopter models and variants Differences training required? Type ratings
Sikorsky S 62 - SK62
Sikorsky S 76A series
S 76B series
S 76C series
S 76D series

Regulations for type rated helicopters

The rules for type rated helicopters are in Part 61 of CASR Flight Crew Licencing:

  • 61.055 - prescription of type ratings and variants - multi-crew aircraft
  • 61.060 - prescription of type ratings - single-pilot aircraft
  • 61.200 - differences training requirements
  • 61.205 - when training must not be in aircraft
  • Division 61.L.5 - pilot type ratings
  • Paragraph 142.015(2)(d) - Part 142 flight training (definition).
Last updated:
5 Dec 2021
Online version available at: https://www.casa.gov.au//licences-and-certificates/pilots/ratings-reviews-and-endorsements/ratings-and-endorsements/helicopter-type-ratings-guide
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