Create an account in myCASA

myCASA is an online portal where you can access services. You can create a myCASA account in 2 ways:

  • use your digital identity to login and then set up a myCASA account
  • visit myCASA to create an account using a username and password.

Digital identity

Your digital identity is a safe way of proving who you are online when accessing government online services. You also won’t need to remember a password to log into your myCASA account.

The Australian Government’s digital identity app is myGovID. Follow these steps to set up your digital identity.

Download the myGovID app

  1. Using your smart device, download the MyGovID app from the App Store or Google Play.

  2. Enter your details

    You will need to enter your details and verify your identity documents.

    You will need a ‘Standard’ digital identity strength in myGovID to access myCASA.

  3. Login to myCASA

    Once you have set up your digital identity, visit myCASA and choose 'Continue with Digital Identity' to login.

Create a myCASA account with a username and password

Visit myCASA to create an account. You already have an account if you applied for your Aviation Reference Number (ARN) online. myCASA will recognise your email when you sign in.

  1. Navigate to myCASA

    Visit the myCASA portal. In the 'Using your myCASA sign in details' login box select, 'Create your myCASA account'.

  2. Enter and verify your email address

    Enter a valid email address for your myCASA account and a verification code will be sent to your inbox. Enter the code and select 'Verify code'.

    Enter your password, select 'I agree to the CASA terms and conditions' box and then 'Next'.

    You can now navigate your account.

Extra Body field:

You already have an account if you applied for your Aviation Reference Number (ARN) online.

If you can't remember your password, select on ‘Problems signing in?’ on the myCASA login page.

You need to verify your identity if you haven’t created a myCASA account. You can verify most identity documents online when you apply.

Link your myCASA account to your ARN

Once you've created your myCASA account, link your ARN to see what permissions and licences you hold. You may need to verify your identity as part of this process.

If you don’t have an ARN, you can apply for one online using myCASA.

Learn more about how to link an ARN.

Linking to an organisation

Once you’ve created your personal account, you can now link it to your organisation.

  1. Log in to myCASA using your individual account

    Navigate to the myCASA portal and enter your email address and password to log in.

    You can also use Digital Identity to login to the portal.

    To login using Digital Identity, navigate to the myCASA portal and create an account using MyGovID Digital Identity.

    If you can’t create a MyGovID account, you can enter your email address and password to begin creating a myCASA account.

  2. Navigate to ‘Organisation Aviation Reference Number’

    After you have logged in, select 'Organisation Aviation Reference Number' in your myCASA account.

  3. Link your existing organisation

    On the 'Organisation Aviation Reference Number' page select 'I want to link to an existing Organisation ARN'.

    Enter your organisation’s ARN.

  4. Verify your request

    To confirm your identify, we will send a code to the email linked to the Organisation ARN. Enter the code.

  5. Submit application

    To complete the application, select 'Submit Application'.

    We will confirm with you and your organisation by email.

    You must be an authorised representative to interact with us for your organisation.

    Check your organisation’s myCASA profile to see who the authorised representatives are. Authorised representatives can add new users to different roles.

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7 Mar 2023
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