Plain English guide for general operating and flight rules

Thumbnail showing front cover of Plain English Guide for new flight operations regulations

Our plain English guide makes it as easy as possible to understand the new general operating and flight regulations for all pilots.

The guide contains the general operating and flight rules you need, including some helpful hints that explain what’s expected of you and what you might need to consider when complying with the rules.

The plain English guide sets out the regulatory requirements of the Part 91 Civil Aviation Safety Regulations and the associated Manual of Standards in a concise, clear easy to read and practical format.

The Part 91 rules are the general operating rules for all pilots and operators. They provide the foundational rules to support the other flight operations regulations being air transport, aerial work and flying training operations.

Who will benefit from this guide

The guide is primarily intended for general aviation pilots and flying schools. However, it is expected all pilots could find it useful as it contains the foundational rules for all flight operations.


We are encouraging feedback on whether this guide provides regulatory information in a simple, easy-to-read and understandable language. We are also interested to know if the structure and format of the information is intuitive.

Updated pages within the CASR Part 91 General operating and flight rules - plain English guide

Occasionally we need to update content in the plain English guide. If you download a soft copy, it will always have the most up-to-date content.

If you purchased the hard copy, you will need to download, print and replace the following pages:

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