Infrastructure is the supporting structures and facilities necessary for the safe operation of remotely piloted aircraft systems (RPAS) and advanced air mobility (AAM). This includes:

  • airports, vertiports, and vertipads
  • infrastructure related operator approvals
  • flight test ranges
  • drone detection systems
  • spectrum and data sharing.
Image of vertiports and drone landing sites, infrastructure

What we want to achieve

We aim to create clear and risk-based standards along with simple, flexible and efficient authorisation pathways for operators of infrastructure. These will both focus on automating authorisations to ease operational overhead.

The activities identified in the roadmap will be informed by other National Emerging Aviation Technologies (NEAT) Policy Statement initiatives. These include the National Drone Detection Network (NDDN) and the NEAT infrastructure planning framework.

How we will do this

  • Develop guidance material, design requirements and regulations for vertiports and other infrastructure required to support AAM operations.

  • Develop guidance for infrastructure required to support research and development activities.

  • Work collaboratively across government to understand and establish spectrum requirements for RPAS and AAM.

  • Work with the Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Communications to set up the NDDN and support all safety aspects of the infrastructure planning framework.

  • Implement a regulatory framework to support RPAS and AAM infrastructure (for example vertiports and vertipads).

  • Develop certification requirements for infrastructure and infrastructure related equipment.

  • Develop a regulatory framework for the operation of research and development infrastructure.

  • Regulate operator training and requirements for infrastructure operators.

  • Regulate equipage requirements for infrastructure operators.

  • Mature regulations and approval processes to support RPAS and AAM related infrastructure.

Published date: 5 June 2022
Online version available at:
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