Sample operations manual templates for flight operators

We have created these documents to help operators develop an exposition or operations manual that meets the updated flight operations requirements.

They consist of 2 templates and guides on how to use them.

Each template has:

  • a sample structure for your exposition/operations manual
  • sample text to adapt for your operations. Samples include tables, diagrams and forms 
  • regulatory references to Civil Aviation Safety Regulations (CASR) and Manual of Standards.

The guide has:

  • tips on how to best draft your document
  • technical guidance.

Both are available as:

  • Word documents you can download and edit.
  • Through our online Manual Authoring and Assessment Tool (MAAT) which is a free tool where you can electronically manage manuals and expositions.

Air transport and aerial work operations

The Flight Operations template and guide covers multiple Parts of the CASR:

  • Parts 119 and 133 – Australian air transport operators – rotorcraft
  • Parts 119 and 135 – Australian air transport operators – smaller aeroplanes
  • Part 138 – Aerial work.

You can use the same template for any one or more of these Parts.

Helicopter mustering operations (under Part 138 of CASR)

The Part 138 template and guide covers mustering operations in helicopters under Part 138 of CASR.

Download files:

Last updated:
23 May 2022
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