Part 137 of CASR Aerial application operations

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Part 137 of the Civil Aviation Safety Regulations (CASR) sets out the operating and equipment maintenance requirements for aerial application operations.

An aerial application operation is a flight by an aeroplane to apply application material and any of the following:

  • inspection of a work area
  • pilot or other crew member training or checking
  • travel from a landing area to a work area and back
  • the carriage of a passenger specified in regulation 137.135 for a purpose set out in that regulation
  • preparation for any of these activities.

As part of the transition to the new flight operations regulations, including CASR Part 91, you should read all legislative instruments in the context of CASR 137.020 – Effect of other provisions.

Please note the provisions in Part 137 prevail to the extent of any inconsistency.

Who it affects

Part 137 of CASR affects:

  • aeroplane aerial application operators.

Aeroplane operators may choose to conduct dispensing operations under Part 138 or Part 137 of CASR Aerial application operations.

Requirements for the dropping or releasing of any substance overlap for Part 138 and Part 137. Please note Part 137 only applies to aeroplanes.

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This AC provides guidance for operators relating to their management of the continuing airworthiness, and maintenance, of aircraft being used for their operations.

Advisory Circular Version: 1.0

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Use this form to apply for an initial issue, renewal of, or changes to an air operator's certificate (AOC) for aerial application operations. This form applies to aerial application operations using aeroplanes only.

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