How you can use myCASA

Read about the services we offer through the myCASA portal, along with links to help and system information.

Apply and link an aviation reference number

You can apply for an individual or organisation aviation reference number (ARN) or link an existing ARN.

Find out more about ARNs.

Manage your account

You can use myCASA to manage your individual and organisation’s account. This includes:

Update details and aircraft registration

You can also use myCASA to:

  • control who can see your organisation’s detail
  • tell us about any changes in your organisation
  • send us documents and notifications when asked.
  • transfer aircraft registration between people

Access AviationWorx

You can use myCASA to access our online learning system, AviationWorx.

Learn more about AviationWorx.


myCASA allows you to do a range of things for licenses. This includes:

Register and view details about your drones

You can use myCASA for a range of activities related to your drone. This includes:

Learn more about drones.

Notify us about fireworks displays

You can send us a fireworks display notification for your organisation. The online form also helps you do the firework display calculations.

Learn more about notifying fireworks displays.

Training school result

You can use myCASA to notify us of student results. This includes:

  • RePL training results
  • maintenance personnel licensing (MPL) training results.

Flight and simulator instructors

You can use myCASA to send us:

  • flight reviews
  • flight review simulator notification.

Assessors options

You can use myCASA to send us:

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7 Mar 2023
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