Fireworks displays

If you plan to conduct a fireworks display, you must notify us. You may also need to get an approval from us for the display. This will ensure that the fireworks don't pose an aviation safety risk.

Don’t forget to check whether you need any local or state approvals.

When to notify us

The person or organisation that places or fires off the fireworks will need to notify us of the display.

You must do this at least 10 days before the scheduled event if an approval is required.

An approval will be required if:

  • any projectiles in the display can reach more than 400 feet above ground level
  • the display will be within three nautical miles (5.5 km) of an aerodrome including an airfield or helipad – this includes in the approach or departure path.

If you're unsure if you need to notify CASA of your fireworks display, contact us.

The process

You can notify us online, via myCASA.

One of the benefits of using the online form is that it does the firework display calculations for you.

Before you login, make sure you have the following information available:

  • identification documents to enable you to apply for an ARN online if you don’t have one (you will need both an individual and an organisation ARN)
  • the date, time and exact location of where the fireworks display will occur.

We will assess your notification and if an approval is required we will let you know. Once you have paid the required fee we will review your application. Read about our fees and charges.

If you have trouble using myCASA, use Notification of a firework display form 1117. Manual applications will take about 10 business days to process.

Conditions of the approval

We may attach conditions to your approval. You must follow these conditions. This may include requiring you to contact and follow air traffic control directions.

We may also tell Airservices Australia about the display. They may issue a notice to airmen (NOTAM) about the potential hazard to air traffic in the area.

If you don't notify us before the display, have approval to conduct the display, or comply with conditions imposed, you may get fined.

Find out more

The rules for fireworks displays are in subpart 101.I of the Civil Aviation Safety Regulations 1998 (CASR 1998).

If you're unsure if you need to notify CASA of your fireworks display, please contact your nearest CASA regional office.

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