Rules and regulations for CNS and ATM

We have regulations and aircraft equipment orders in place to support:

  • communications, navigation, surveillance (CNS) and
  • air traffic management (ATM).

Pilots and Operators of aircraft in Australia must comply with

Flights without required transponder or ADS-B transmitting equipment

Part 91 MOS has arrangements for flights where transponder or ADS-B transmitting equipment is temporarily out of service. Depending on the situation, you may require our written authorisation.

Where our specific written authorisation is required, Advisory Circular AC 11-02(2) Exemptions against the CASR, CAR and CAO (PDF 220KB) describes the steps involved in being granted an exemption against Part 91 of CASR. You must apply for an exemption in accordance with regulation 11.165 of CASR. We will only consider exemptions where an operator can demonstrate that they will provide an acceptable level of safety.

Contact us to submit a formal application, with required documents, for a Part 11.165 exemption.

For more background information on performance based navigation, see the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Performance Based Navigation (PBN) iKit.

Last updated:
11 Jan 2023
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