Apply for a skills assessment

Some professionals who want to work in Australia can do so under the skilled migration program.

We do skills assessments for pilots applying for a visa under the program.

Eligibility for skills assessment

To get a skills assessment, you must:

To be eligible to pass the skills assessment, you must:

If you don't have Australian qualifications, you must convert your overseas equivalent.

To do this, you may need to travel to Australia for medicals, exams and a flight test.

Apply for the skills assessment

To apply, fill in the 

Application skills assessment migration pilot form 79 (PDF, 156.57 KB)

You must answer all questions on the form in English.

Supporting documents

With your form, include:

  • evidence of at least 5 years flying for work
  • written evidence of work done in your field – use referees or statement of service letters from previous Aviation employers
  • certified copies of log book openings showing evidence of flying in past jobs
  • last completed log book page of flying experience
  • any other relevant information that CASA may use to assess your application.

Your documents must be certified, true copies. There are certain people who can certify documents you send to us.

Getting documents translated

The documents you send to us must be in English or come with a version translated into English.

If you are:

Contact our client services centre if you need help to fill in the form.

Processing applications

It usually takes around 14 days for us to process applications.

If your form isn't complete, we can't process it and will send it back to you to finish.

Using a third party

We can't release your information to another person unless you authorise it.

If you're applying through a third party – like an agent – you can authorise it in 2 ways:

Fees to apply for skills assessment

We charge a fee to recover some costs, including for skills assessments.

The cost for the skills assessment is $100.

If you need to do exams or flight tests, or convert qualifications, you may need to pay more.

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