Maintenance and modifications of Light Sport Aircraft

You must only maintain or modify a Light Sport Aircraft (LSA) under instructions and approvals from the aircraft manufacturer. You cannot receive approval for LSA modifications or continuing airworthiness instructions from: 

  • CASA
  • CASA approved persons or organisations
  • any Approved Self Administering Organisation.

The manufacturer must provide us with aircraft maintenance instructions including:

  • how and what you need to do to maintain the LSA
  • who may carry out that maintenance. 

The aircraft’s location of registration and operation in Australia can determine who may carry out the maintenance. 

Owners must only carry out or permit maintenance and modifications approved by the manufacturer. 

The manufacturer must notify LSA owners of any service difficulties or safety concerns for their aircraft. A manufacturer can do this by a:

  • safety alert or directive
  • safety bulletin 
  • safety notice. 

An owner must make sure that any requirements are carried out in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. Failure to do so may result in the Special Certificate of Airworthiness (SCoA) stop being in force for the aircraft. 

The manufacturer must notify all owners of any requirements and provide a way of notifying a change of details. Owners must notify the manufacturer of any change of contact details.

Any modification carried out on an LSA without approval from the manufacturer, will result in the aircraft’s SCoA to stop being in force.  

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