Certification of Light Sport Aircraft

CASA doesn't certify Light Sport Aircraft (LSA). This means CASA does not:

  • issue a type certificate or type acceptance certificate
  • review, test or approve a LSA
  • provide continued operational safety oversight
  • review, approve or provide oversight of the manufacturing quality assurance system.

The designer or manufacturer is solely responsible for the:

  • review, testing and approval of the LSA under CASA accepted standards
  • continued operational safety oversight of the LSA under the accepted standards
  • review and approval of the manufacturing quality
  • of the manufacturing quality assurance system in accordance with the accepted standards.

LSA's aren't manufactured under a production certificate issued by CASA or any other NAA. CASA or an Authorised Person issues a Special Certificate of Airworthiness after inspection of the aircraft deems it is in a condition for safe operation.

Manufacturer requirements

The aircraft must meet the eligibility requirements in the Civil Aviation Regulations 1998 Section 21.186 and 21.172.

The manufacturer must:

  • meet the requirements of a qualified manufacturer as defined in CASR 21.172
  • complete and sign a CASA Form 681 - Statement of Compliance stating they meet the requirements of CASR 21.172
  • provide the required documentation by CASR 21.186 (1)(b) and identified in Form 681.

Each LSA is individually certified by the manufacturer by signing the statement of compliance for that aircraft. The manufacturer makes a declaration that the aircraft meets the LSA standards by signing the Statement of Compliance.

Manufacturers that no longer exist

If the manufacturer no longer exists, then there is no one that can provide continuing airworthiness support for that aircraft. Only the manufacturer holds compliance data and records for the LSA identified in the Statement of Compliance.

The aircraft may not be eligible to keep its Special Certificate of Airworthiness if there is no one to provide continuing airworthiness support or approvals for modifications and repairs. Under such circumstances, an aircraft owner may apply for an Experimental Certificate.

Last updated:
13 Apr 2022
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