CASA oversight of Light Sport Aircraft

In the oversight of Light Sport Aircraft (LSA), we can issue a:

  • Special Certificate of Airworthiness (SCoA), or a
  • Experimental Certificate (EC). 

CASA or a CASA authorised person can issue a SCoA or EC.

Unless otherwise approved in writing, CASA conducts all assessments of  applications for a SCoA or EC for a new type or model LSA.

This ensures regulatory compliance. It also ensures confidence that the aircraft meets the standards that the manufacturer has signed compliance to. 

Approval for modifications or repairs

We do not provide approval for modifications or repairs for LSA as it is the responsibility of the manufacturer. 

We can issue airworthiness instructions such as Airworthiness Directives or Operational Directions. We will only issue these if there is a LSA manufacturer that does not address a safety concern.

We may appoint someone to provide the functions of the manufacturer if the manufacturer no longer exists. The appointed person must have the information and data specific to that LSA from the original manufacturer. 

We may also suspend or cancel a SCoA if a manufacturer no longer exists to provide continuing airworthiness support for the aircraft. In such circumstances, the owner of the LSA may be eligible to apply for an EC. 

For any further information or questions regarding Light Sport Aircraft, in the first instance please contact CASA.

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