Sport parachuting (Part 105) Manual of Standards technical working group

The role of the Part 105 MOS TWG is to:

  • provide industry sector insight and understanding of current needs and challenges
  • assist with the development of draft regulations, standards, guidance materials and other supporting materials – both before and after public consultation
  • evaluate whether the draft Part 105 MOS will achieve the policy intent and be implementable by the Australian aviation industry.

Read more about Part 105 of CASR Parachuting from aircraft.

Latest updates

The Part 105 MOS has been implemented as consulted by the TWG. The TWG will be engaged to solve some issues ancillary to the MOS.


  • Mark Edwards
  • Grahame Hill
  • Ian Matthews
  • Richard McCooey
  • David Smith
  • Mark Whaley

Tasking instructions

Reports and outcomes

Last updated:
23 Jan 2024
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